Where did the term neck of the woods come from?



As I sit on a bench admiring the lovely Spanish Moss adorning the trees, I ponder a this and other things.. What am I doing with my life? Why? What is life? Why is life?

 I think it's open for interpretation. Lately I have contemplated the previous circle of thought like clockwork. As usual, there have been ideas coming to light which are profoundly difficult for me to comprehend. Lately I have embraced the unknowingness with open arms; and it has hugged me back. 

Downtown Savannah,GA

Downtown Savannah,GA


Although I have strong opinions, I know that most of what I know to be the "truth" is only relative to me. For instance, some people genuinely believe that not all humans deserve to be treated equally. The same goes for almost any hot issue on the table. Promiscuity, abortion, politics, and religion to list a few. To ourselves, our opinions are completely logical facts. To others, it might seem absurd. However, although I highly disagree with others on occasion, I recognize that from their cultural lense; it is plain as day.  

Once I accepted this, I learned to become much more "chill" with people who are different than me. They push the boundaries of what I know.


Skepticism is defined as "the theory that certain knowledge is impossible". We all have opinions, and rightfully so. The challenge now begins to define what ethical, and morality means to me. Changing the opinion of others can only come from the reflection of spreading what one know. Through interaction we learn to grow, adapt, and change.  

 I was told long ago that it's impossible to convince someone of an idea, unless they agree or relate to your premise. (The position your opinion is stated from). And who knows, it may be you find validity in their premise. Or maybe not. Either way, it's worth a shot, right? ;)


So on this thought, I encourage you to sit down with your trump supporting parents, your racist boss, and your close minded peers. Attempt to see things from their perspective and truly understand why they believe what they believe. Even if you don't agree, you now have a firmer stance of why you oppose the idea. Your position is more firmly supported and stretched by experience.  

- Alivia  


My Story

Upon graduating Mcracken county high school, I fled as far and as fast as I could away from my home town. " there's no opportunities here" I'd been told. Eight months later I was checking prices on flights home.  During my time out west I realized a few things.

1.) That I am a small fish in a big pond

2.) Paducah is a growing cultural hub that needs people to nurture it

3.) All the things I yearned for, mostly a supportive art community, were back at home


Every one of us strives to thrive. And when we support each others passions, the influence increases tenfold and abundance ensues. So I withdrew from SCAD, moved to the lower town area, enrolled at the art school, and almost immediately given the opportunity to intern with the lower town arts and music festival. ... A chance I would have never gotten in the huge salt lake area. Approximately one year later, here I am sharing a dream that has never left my mind, or heart.


Modern convinces have reduced our need for physical labor, social interaction, and mental tact. All important pillars for our wellbeing. Untroubled Venus is my journey of returning to the old way of healing, and living a healthy life.  I want to empower those who like myself, are  discovering what their purpose is, and how to be happy living consciously in the present. Conscious living is about making more thoughtful and deliberate decisions in line with our divine nature, instead of allowing external influences like our former habits, society, and the environment we live in to affect our choices. My tool is art.

Through art one is able to develop positively influential habits, increase self awareness, and find inner peace. Art can take many forms. It empowers our ambition to know, explore, and express ourselves. Through practices like journaling, meditation we can grow each day to be more aware of ourselves than the day before. I would like to provide goods that support these efforts. By working with local/aspiring artists, and focusing on goods that promote a conscious holistic lifestyle. Sacred things for sacred spaces dwellings and bodies alike, Such as hand painted yoga mats and jewelry with positive mantras inscribed within. 



I launched my own website in December 2014, with this same idea in mind. At the time I was selling the current collections of art I had created including jewelry, ceramics, painting, and hand dyed, lighted developed teeshirts. The response was amazing, but at the time I was unable to devote enough time to develop and consistent stream of merchandise. A thousand ideas run through my head everyday. Sparked by the need and desire of those around me. By supplying things that support their efforts in conscious living, that idea which we desperately need to address, is able to grow and take root in our area. 


Taking things that a person might usually buy at tj maxx, or on Amazon. But instead the sustainable option, from a local talent. Talent which our area is full of, and Many of which I have come to know. Finishing it with a personal touch. That's how I want to stand out.  I invite you to follow my blog as a source of inspiration to build a holistic lifestyle in your own home, and follow my journey as I work to provide the quality products I wish to bring to the area.