Fundamental Human Rights


This is a copy of a post on my social media, that explains my reasoning behind my view on abortion legislation. To which I continue this thought by adding that the place for this conversation, is not in politics. Smearing the line between opinion and law cannot be the course of a developed nation. That conversation belongs to each woman. They can make the decision to expand it to contributing genetic participants, and their chosen outside sources, when/if they chose to do so, and I highly support that they do.

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I can not sleep because I can't stop thinking about how little I know and understand the world really. Where does one begin?

I feel mitigated for my opinions and I'm frustrated by lack of motivation to defend myself. Should I tell people "like it is"? Or do I continue to silently bear the burden of empathy? It is not my decision to make choices for other people. My decision is only to support the views that I proudly promote. Until we are all given equal opportunity to exist, I can not support the idea of pro-life.

If you know me, you know I'm the result of a teenage pregnancy. My mother is an INCREDIBLY kind, heroic, loving, amazing, strong woman and it brings me to tears to even write these words because I know without her I wouldn't even be able to feel the heart beat in my chest. She loves me, and I her. I am forever grateful for her decision to keep me, and set such a good example for me through my childhood and still today. Even when we don't see eye to eye..

Her CHOICE was made when she realized I had been conceived. She made decisions surrounding my existence to provide for me, the opportunity that she felt I deserved to live here, with her, and my father. They wanted me to be happy, clean, fed, homed, and loved even though they knew they would not be together.

There are women in this world who for whatever reason, feel they can not do the same. It is not our place, my friends, to say that she can. It is not our place because it is a lie. Unfortunately as of today, in our country we can not sustain a suitable environment for every single individual to be born and thrive (live). If you take a look into your nearest struggling neighborhood you will see pain and suffering existing humans are subjected to. Where is your support of their "life"? Where is your rally to demand that these children are fed, clothed, clean, and loved? Why, pray tell me, are you not knocking on your governors door, shouting at the top of your opinionated pro-life lungs that these people deserve to LIVE! ............ ?

If you are pro-life. I accept your opinion. I challenge you though, to expand your views of life to the inclusion of general wellbeing. If you think me to be foolish or childish for believing in a system/society where the decision of conception is well backed by a guarantee of opportunity, (which is complete feasible, and outrages me to not currently exist) that's fine. But if you can't return the respect I give you, stay the hell away from me please.

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